HK Fintech 2020 | AMTD Townhall for HKFTW 2020 Opening

Hong Kong FinTech Week, the notable global FinTech event, had its grand opening in November. Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of HongKong SAR, delivered the opening speech. As the sole strategic partner of the event for the 3rd consecutive year, AMTD has been fully supporting this global FinTech event and held an all-staff townhall to witness the opening ceremony onsite and online.

In his opening speech, Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of HongKong SAR, welcomed all attendees across the world that have joined the event in a unique virtual way. He mentioned that the pandemic has hit the whole world but also raised the awareness of digitalization among the public and enterprises, and FinTech has become the mainstream. Eddie Yue, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, also delivered opening keynotes on the future strategies of Hong Kong FinTech.

Staff of AMTD Group watched the opening speech by Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR

Calvin Choi, Chairman and CEO of AMTD Group, attended the opening of the event, and pointed out that the development of FinTech would push up the paired collaboration among traditional financial institutions and technology firms, in order to fulfill the increasing demand of customers. The one-stop FinTech service platform could provide more comprehensive and diversified services to customers. After the opening ceremony, Calvin Choi participated the panel discussion—“How Is The Global Pandemic Accelerating The Digitalization Of Financial Services”with Joseph Chan, HKMA Chief Digitalization Officer, and Angel Ng, Citi Hong Kong and Macau CEO.

Calvin Choi gave a speech at the opening ceremony of HKFTW 2020


Dr. Annie Wu, Co-Chairperson of AMTD Global Advisory Committee, Standing Committee Member of 10th, 11th, 12th CPPCC National Committee, Lifetime Honorary Board Member of World Trade Centres Association, Honorary Consul of the United Republic of Tanzania in Hong Kongand Macau, Founder of Beijing Air Catering Co.,Ltd., the first joint venture in China since Reform and Opening-up, Supervising Advisor of the Hong Kong Federation of Women, Chancellor of Chinese Foundation Secondary School, expressed her appreciation to the Group’s notable growth and pointed out that the innovation in Hong Kong is still subject to the ever-changing environment and the bumpy road ahead, and all staff in AMTD must embrace the challenges, set up the goals and adhere to the innovation.


Dr. Annie Wu Suk-ching, Co-Chairperson of AMTD GAC (Second Right), Raymond Yung, Vice Chairman of AMTD GAC (Left), Calvin Choi, (Right), Liu Wei, Head of Xiaomi Finance Office (Second Left)


Dr. Toa Charm, Associate Professor in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School and former Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, was invited to introduce the history and competitive landscape of FinTech companies in Hong Kong. He pointed out that finance sector is going through reshaping and transformation under the aggressive intervention of tech giants and manufacturing companies.

Anthony Sar, Founder and CEO of Finnovasia, which is an appointed organizer of Hong Kong FinTech Week, concluded the townhall with his recognition and appreciation to AMTD Group as Sole Strategic Partner of Hong Kong FinTech Week for three years in a row.


Anthony Sar, Founder and CEO of Finnovasia concluded the townhall with his recognition and appreciation to AMTD Group



Calvin Choi (Middle), Anthony Sar, Founder and CEO of Finnovasia(Left) and Dr. Toa Charm, Associate Professor in The Chinese University of HongKong (CUHK) Business School and Former Chief Public Mission Officer ofCyberport (Right)


Dr. Frederic Lau, Vice Chairman of AMTD Group and former Chief Executive of Airstar Bank (the virtual bank jointly founded by AMTD and Xiaomi), shared his thoughts and experience in establishing Airstar Bank, and emphasized virtual banking’s mission to serve the public. As the moderator, Michelle Li, Co-CEO of AMTD Digital, summarized AMTD’s excellent achievements over the past year in the strategic investment and acquisition and reiterated FinTech as the core strategy for the development of AMTD Group. AMTD will continue to leverage on the AMTD SpiderNet to connect and benefit its partners, as well as supporting enterprises to innovate continuously.

Last but not least, all staff of AMTD Group watched the first high-profile panel discussion attended by Yi Gang, Governor of People’s Bank of China, Agustín Carstens, General Manager of Bank for International Settlements and Klaas Knot, President of De Nederlandsche Bank. Yi Gang pointed out that FinTech innovation has enhanced the capital utilising efficiency in China. The benign competition between tech giants and traditional banks has improved the customer experience and speeded up the upgrading of financial products. He also mentioned that the current Central Bank Digital Currency will play an irreplaceable role in anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism.


Staff of AMTD Group watched the panel discussion attended by Yi Gang, Governor of People’s Bank of China



Hong Kong FinTech Week is one of the biggest Asia’s anual global FinTech event presented by InvestHK. This year it was held online for the first tim due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AMTD Group continuously supports this great FinTech event as the sole strategic partner for the 3rd consecutive year.


2018-2020 AMTD Group and Hong Kong FinTech Week



AMTD SpiderNet and Dream of Digital Era