Spring Festival Special | Behind the scenes in Davos

The World Economic Forum, which is renowned as “Economic United Nations” and “World Economic weathervane”, holds its annual meeting in Davos, a small town in Switzerland in each Winter. The forum invites political, economic, business and academic elite leaders from different countries and regions all around the world to gather together, exchange their opinions, debate and discuss together how to propel the development of human being and the world as well.

As the only Hong Kong – funded financial institution among the World Economic Forum’s global strategic partners, AMTD for the first time established the “Davos AMTD Center”, making AMTD the first Hong Kong company and one of the very few Chinese companies to establish corporate center in Davos Forum, showing the attractiveness of the Pearl of the Orient to all political and business leaders. AMTD also held the first ever “AMTD · Hong Kong Night” in history and invited Mrs. Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, to officiate and deliver a keynote speech. The event attracted more than 300 political, business, academic and media elites and leaders to attend. This is the first ever ceremony with the theme of “Hong Kong” and held by a Hong Kong enterprise in the history of Davos Forum for the past 50 years. This is also the first time for Hong Kong to show the world the development and accomplishments it has achieved as Asia’s financial hub for the past 20 years after the handover in World Economic Forum.

Despite the heaviest snow in 50 years in Davos and all the inconvenience in a foreign country, AMTD team spared no effort in the preparation of the successful Hong Kong Night in Davos. Let’s follow the camera to see AMTD’s stories behind the scenes in Davos…