Our mission is to act as a fusion reactor for the best entrepreneurs and innovative ideas

Fusing synergistically all elements within the AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem using digital means, harnessing and magnifying the power from each partner to create a force with meaningful and influential social, technological, and economic impact.

Our Strengths

Our Strategies

Fusion-in Program

Innovative and disruptive thinking have been part of AMTD’s DNA, and have driven AMTD Group to bring the best “IDEA” into each segment of its businesses:

I for AMTD International

A leading Hong Kong-headquartered comprehensive financial institution, and the first dual-listed company on both the NYSE and SGX-ST.

D for AMTD Digital

A leading one-stop digital solutions platform and fusion reactor for entrepreneurs with business exposure and operations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

E for AMTD Education

A platform focused on investment and development of world-class educational institutions in Asia and beyond.

A for AMTD Assets

A global property investment platform with current footprints in Hong Kong and Singapore.

We, together with the other members of AMTD Group, strive to unlock and maximize the value embedded within each partner. By linking every partner to a multi-dimensional web of business relationships, the value that each partner creates can be compounded, setting off a chain reaction that leads to significant value growth that reverberates throughout the entire ecosystem.

This forms the foundation of the “AMTD SpiderNet” ecosystem, an ever-expanding network of partners that magnifies synergies and value creation for all participants in the system.

Digital Everything

Digital Financial Services

To build an un-paralleled, cross-market and intelligent digital financial services platform with multi-sector scarce digital financial licenses in Asia.

Digital Media,
Content &

To create a one-stop multimedia platform promoting digital solutions content. Providing users and audiences access to a comprehensive content library.

SpiderNet Ecosystem Solutions

To serve as a super-connector for Asia-based entrepreneurs and corporates. Empowering and providing them with exclusive access to the AMTD SpiderNet.


To focus on strategic investments as our core holding, our attractive and diverse investment portfolio showcases promising digital new economy companies in Asia.