Calvin Choi’s New Year’s Greeting

Calvin Choi’s New Year’s Greeting


Hello, 2022!

At this time of bidding farewell to 2021 and ushering in the new year, there is nothing more comforting than lighting the fire of faith which propels us into 2022.

Looking back into 2021, we witnessed the prosperity and strengths of our nation China in the new era and jointly record the glory and dream of the Great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. One hundred years after the founding of the Party, the journey has been magnificent. We firmly believe in the strengths of the Party, and that under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC, the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation who have embarked on the Long March in the new era are even more youthful and energetic. Nobody or external forces can stop the Chinese people from pursuing and realizing their dreams.

During the past year, we have witnessed Hong Kong’s transformation from chaos to order and prosperity. The central government took steps to improve the HKSAR election system and build a democratic system tailored to suit Hong Kong’s special circumstances. The Election Committee of the HKSAR and the new Legislative Council were successfully elected. We will abide closely to the National Security Law in Hong Kong, put an end to violence and chaos, and uphold the authority and dignity of the rule of law. The concept of having “patriots administering Hong Kong” has taken root in Hong Kong and is showing great vitality, paving a bright path for national security and Hong Kong’s prosperity. We firmly believe that, with the “one country” as the basis, the “one country” as the root, and the “patriots administering Hong Kong” as the principle, the “two systems” scenario will continue to flourish. We are ushering in a new era of good governance in Hong Kong. The “Oriental Pearl” is shining with ever greater brilliance. We are confident that as China moves towards its second centenary goal, Hong Kong will integrate itself seamlessly into China’s overall development and play an irreplaceable role.

As a comprehensive financial conglomerate rooted in Hong Kong, backed by the motherland and expanding globally, we firmly adhere to the strategic blueprint of “IDEA” which comprises our core competencies in investment banking, digital solutions, hotel services, premium education, media and entertainment etc. We always strive to contribute to the social stability, economic development and people’s livelihood in Hong Kong. For the 3rd year in a row, AMTD has been the exclusive strategic partner of HKTDC’s Startup Express program, supporting young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to start their own businesses. Being the exclusive strategic partner of Hong Kong Fintech Week for the 4th consecutive year, we supported the Government through partnering with InvestHK to promote technology innovation and development in Hong Kong. For the 14th consecutive year, we have supported the “Caritas Charity Show” and continued to care for the disadvantaged and needy in Hong Kong. In response to the Government’s vaccination programme, AMTD donated 1888 nights of hotel rooms to encourage and encourage Hong Kong citizens to be vaccinated. As the Vice Chairman of the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation, Vice President of the China Young Entrepreneurs Association, Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, Lead Chairman of Hong Kong Youth Association, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Army Cadets Association, I am very honored to be awarded the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Outstanding Contribution Leader Award as well as being selected as Asia’s Most Influential list 2021 by Tatler Asia. During Hong Kong FinTech Week, I led the establishment of the Hong Kong Youth FinTech Association to encourage young people in Hong Kong to better understand Hong Kong’s development opportunities, grasp the strengths and potential of the Greater Bay Area, and support the nurturing of the next generation of young talents and technologists who love the country and Hong Kong.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is carrying over to its second year, and while the delta variant has not gradually gone away, the omicron variant has hit us already. This ever-evolving virus is testing the wisdom of different countries, administration and civilizations in dealing with it. Geopolitical conflicts are surging and the international capital markets are experiencing increasing volatility. Amid the ever-increasing turmoil, we feel strongly in the power of belief, in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, in the future prosperity and development of Hong Kong, in the power of science, technology and innovation, and in the value of hard work and dreams. We also strongly believe that every experience in the past helps to build who you are today; and with dedicated efforts, there are always fair results and feedbacks.

Change is the eternal theme of nature. The only constant in our society is change. In this era of change, the future is hard to predict, but we are not confused. Under the guidance of the light of faith, we will tread very carefully into a better future.

On this arrival of the New Year, we AMTDers would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you. Let us join forces in the New Year with full confidence and strive for a wonderful future together!


Chairman, AMTD Group