AMTD News | Singapore’s AMTD Digital Completes S$386 Million Financing Round

AMTD News | Singapore’s AMTD Digital Completes S$386 Million Financing Round

AMTD Digital, a subsidiary of AMTD Group, is headquartered in Singapore with a global vision, which has a strong focus to build a one-stop digital solutions platform that connects different stakeholders in the SpiderNet ecosystem via digital innovations.

Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman of AMTD Group and AMTD Digital, said, “We have chosen Singapore as our global headquarters to build a one-stop digital solutions platform that connects the ASEAN market with our solid financial services presence in Hong Kong, including a digital bank joint venture with Xiaomi. We are committed to connecting the dots across the many major markets in Asia to create a one-stop digital solutions platform. We are not restricting or limiting ourselves to providing financial services, but we are pushing our capabilities and strengths beyond to providing a plethora and diverse range of solutions that include digital connectors and ecosystem building, digital intelligence and data analytics, digital media and marketing.”

Mr. Osman Faiz, Chief Information and Operating Officer of AMTD Digital, added, “It is extremely exciting to see the role AMTD Digital plays as an innovator, investor and collaborator in the FinTech community. We embrace new ideas and new value creation for the regional and international scenes. We are committed to nurturing local talent and cultivating innovation both within AMTD and in the wider ecosystem, as we grow across and along the industry. We see and pride ourselves at the forefront of building and supporting Singapore’s Smart Nation blueprint, and as a key driver of the Southeast Asia region’s rapid digitalization process.”

In spite of the challenging pandemic crisis, AMTD Digital again demonstrated its strengths and value proposition with another successful round of financing with a total amount of S$386m from key investors including Value Partners, Greater Bay Area Homeland Investments, Vision Knight Capital, Ariana Capital, Maoyan Entertainment, and Infinity Power.

Mr. David Wei, Chairman and Founding Partner of Vision Knight Capital, former CEO of Alibaba commented, “We are excited to be an investor and anchor of AMTD Digital. Vision Knight Capital is a private equity fund focusing on the new economy sector. We look forward to working with AMTD Digital to export our experience and expertise in the FinTech space and overall digital sector to Southeast Asia. Together our vision is to help the businesses and consumers to accelerate digitalization and improve financial inclusion.” Mr. Hu Zhanghong, CEO of Greater Bay Area Homeland Investments, added, “AMTD Digital is uniquely positioned for the digitalization of the financial industry. We are bullish on the abundant opportunities presented in the post-Covid world. We hope to leverage AMTD Digital to connect resources, talents and expertise in the digital space between GBA and Southeast Asia and help both areas to accelerate digitalisation.”

Prof. Annie Koh, independent board director of AMTD International commented, “I would like to congratulate AMTD Digital in successfully completing a significant financing round to support the long-term development of new businesses, new talents, and new areas of opportunities in Singapore and beyond. I am glad that AMTD Digital has chosen Singapore as the Headquarters, contributing to the development of our talent. And I believe that the company possesses the right core values and capabilities to contribute to the tech and innovative developments of Singapore as a smart nation.”