【World Economic Forum Review Vol. 1】Chairman Mr. Calvin Choi led AMTD delegation to attend World Economic Forum 2017 Annual Meeting, steadily advancing AMTD’s globalization strategy, radiating from China to rest of the world

【World Economic Forum Review Vol. 1】Chairman Mr. Calvin Choi led AMTD delegation to attend World Economic Forum 2017 Annual Meeting, steadily advancing AMTD’s globalization strategy, radiating from China to rest of the world

On 17 January 2017, the high-profile World Economic Forum (“WEF”) 2017 Annual Meeting held its grand opening in Davos, Switzerland. The main theme of the Annual Meeting was “Responsive and Responsible Leadership”. Around 1,700 distinguished guests, including heads of state or government from nearly 50 countries, including China’s President Xi Jinping, President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard, British Prime Minister Theresa May, former US Vice President Joe Biden, as well as other political, business, academic, media leaders attended the Annual Meeting. As the only representative from Hong Kong among all the WEF Strategic Partners, Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman and President of AMTD Group as well as Chairman of AMTD Strategic Capital Group, led the delegation to attend the Annual Meeting and met with numerous international political and business leaders to discuss about further exchanges and collaborations and the continuing globalization of AMTD. AMTD Strategic Capital CEO Mr. Sidney Ku, AMTD Group Chairman Special Assistant & AMTD Strategic Capital Deputy CEO Mr. Devon Fu, AMTD Group President Special Assistant Mr. Wayne Liu, Head of Advisory & Special Situations Mr. Minglin Cheung, among others, attended the Annual Meeting.

The World Economic Forum is an unofficial international organization dedicated to researching and exploring issues in the world economy and promoting international economic cooperation and exchanges. It is often known as “Economic United Nations” and “World Economic Vane”. This was the first time ever a China’s Head of State attending an Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. Chinese President Xi Jinping was also invited to deliver a keynote speech titled “Jointly Shoulder Responsibility of Our Times, Promote Global Growth” at the opening ceremony, receiving worldwide attention. With global economic recovery still in the doldrums, economic model adjustments still at the bottlenecks and many individuals still baffled by innumerable uncertainties of the globalization process, President Xi proposed the “Chinese Solution” which aroused an echo among many international investors and entrepreneurs. China’s strong support for globalization was particularly encouraging.

During the Annual Meeting, Mr. Calvin Choi led the team to meet with Sergio Ermotti, CEO of UBS AG, Marwan J. Ai Sarkal, CEO of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority of the United Arab Emirates, Arne Sorenson, President of Marriott International Inc., Trevor Manuel, Chairman of Old Mutual plc, and other international businessmen and partners, conducting in-depth exchanges on AMTD’s globalization strategies and future cooperation. AMTD delegation was invited to participate in a private banquet there held by Sergio Ermotti, CEO of UBS AG.

Mr. Calvin Choi (Left), Mr. Sidney Ku (Right) and CEO of UBS AG Sergio Ermotti (Center)

Mr. Calvin Choi and Arne Sorenson, President of Marriott International Inc.

In addition, Mr. Calvin Choi also led the team to meet with representatives of government agencies and business partners from China, including the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee Deputy Secretary and CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee party secretary Mr. Ren Xuefeng, Guangzhou ‘s Vice Mayor Mr. Cai Chaolin and the Guangzhou government delegation, Tianjin’s Vice Mayor Mr. Zhao Haishan and the Tianjin government delegation, China Investment Corporation Vice General Manager Mr. Qi Bin, Tewoo Group Chairman Mr. Wang Yuzhu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology President Professor Tony Chan etc. to conduct in-depth discussion and exchange about AMTD’s development of Greater China, joint investments both within China and overseas, and other important issues.

Mr. Calvin Choi and Guangdong Party Deputy Secretary and Guangzhou Party Secretary Mr. Ren Xuefeng

During the Annual Meeting, Mr. Calvin Choi, as one of the few representatives from Asian financial institutions and the only representative from Hong Kong financial institutions, was invited to attend the “Governors Meeting for Financial Services” to discuss with leaders of the most influential global institutions, including Mr. Thomas Farley, President of the New York Stock Exchange, Mr. Stuart T. Gulliver, CEO of HSBC, Mr. William Downe, CEO of BMO Financial Group, Mr. Axel Weber, Chairman of UBS AG, Sergio P. Ermotti, CEO of UBS AG, Mr. Ralph Hamers, Chairman Executive Board and CEO of ING Group, Mr. Douglas L. Peterson, President of Standard & Poor’s, Mr. Brian Hartzer, CEO of Westpac, Mr. Wiebe Draijer, Chairman of Rabobank, on the new developments of the global financial industry. As one of the representatives of Asian financial institutions, Mr. Calvin Choi, from the perspective of the reshaping of the global financial landscape and the rise of Asian capital, shared about the globalization efforts of AMTD as a financial institution rooted in Hong Kong, based in China and radiating to the rest of the world. Mr. Calvin Choi pointed out that, in recent years, China’s overseas investments surged. More Chinese capital grouped together to invest overseas. This sets higher requirements for Chinese financial institutions to strengthen global footprint. China’s financial institutions should keep abreast of the latest developments, understand the trend of globalization, enhance communication with the rest of the world, and truly integrate into the rules and systems of the international capital markets, in order to better meet the responsibility of the times and serve the strategic “Go Global” initiative, facilitating the world to hear more voices from the East.

Mr. Calvin Choi was invited to attend the Governors Meeting for Financial Services to discuss with leaders of the most influential global institutions

As one of the Strategic Partners of the World Economic Forum, AMTD has always adhered to the international development strategy, based in China, radiating to the rest of the world, and is constantly committed to bridging China with different regions and markets in the world, assisting more and more Chinese enterprises to “Go Global” through international capital markets, promoting cross-border mergers and acquisitions, overseas financing and investments, continuously enhancing the level of internationalization. AMTD also led international capital to invest in China, introducing international innovative technologies and business models into China, promoting globalization. On the one hand, AMTD has always adhered to the core development strategy of focusing on Greater China region. AMTD helped China Minsheng Investment Group, China’s largest private investment company, Huarong Asset Management, one of China’s four major asset management companies, Bank of Tianjin, one of the largest city commercial banks in the Bohai area, Everbright Securities, China’s leading securities companies, Meitu, China’s leading technology innovation company, and many other outstanding Chinese enterprises to tap into international capital market, in the form of equity or bond financing, helping raise in aggregate over US$30 billion within only past 12 months. At the same time, AMTD is also actively advancing its expansion in China’s financial industry, including acquiring strategic stakes in Bank of Qingdao, initiating the proposed establishment of first fully-licensed securities company controlled by capital from Hong Kong under the framework of CEPA in Guangdong Province, initiating the proposed establishment of a joint venture insurance brokerage firm etc., committed to establishing and improving the comprehensive multi-faceted integrated financial services platform. On the other hand, AMTD is also actively expanding its international territories, joining hands with LendIt, the host of the largest Fintech Summit in the U.S. to set up the “AMTD-LendIt Joint Global Office” to establish an innovative service platform linking Asian and international capital with technology. At the same time, AMTD is also actively exploring the possibilities to establish offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and other locations, gradually building a global network. AMTD’s globalization strategy attracted attention from globally renowned financial media publications. “Global Capital | Asiamoney”, a prestigious international capital markets journal, had published a special report titled “AMTD plots global expansion”, praising AMTD being dedicated to link Chinese and international markets and affirming AMTD’s achievements. “Institutional Investor” named AMTD as one of “The 2016 Fintech Finance 35” in recognition of AMTD’s continued efforts and outstanding achievements in promoting global Fintech investments and developments.